Remembering friends we lost ​but will always remember

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
Roy T. Bennett

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Camilla Mc Griskin
Camilla was a very sweet and thoughtful lady. She had a very calm and gentle manner. Some of her friends refer to her as an “earth angel”.
Her favorite place to go was Kincardine where she used to live, she loved to enjoy lunch at the beach and go to her favourite gift store for a shopping spree. She was very active, going out for several walks each day to enjoy nature and a trail near where she lived. She will be missed by her friends, neighbours in her building, and our staff at CLNP.
Kim Lowry
Kim Lowry Kim was a people person, she was well known in her community. Kim loved to entertain, she volunteered at many retirement and nursing homes, as well the hospital and VON. Kim loved to sing and tell jokes, she always had a joke for everyone. She was a church and choir member, she went to Dynafit and loved going out Friday evenings with friends. Kim remembered everybody, she always remembered everyone’s names. Kim loved any social event and spending a day away. She was an huge Bluejays fan and loved being able to attend a game. Kim loved spending time with friends and loved her family dearly. She had a beautiful smile and always had a positive outlook on any situation.
Kendal Ambedian
Kendal was a very thoughtful, kind and spirited woman. She had a thoughtfulness and unconditional love that extended to everyone who was lucky to be part of her life. Kendal adored being with her boyfriend Terry and spending time with him with her cat. She had a deep love for her family members and friends. She loved to go bowling, to the movies, to the casino and dancing / singing at band jam. She was game to try anything that sounded fun which made it such a pleasure to spend time with Kendal and touching to see how she continued to dream big and continue to achieve her goals in her life. Kendal enhanced all of our lives at CLNP and also so many lives of those in her community. She always showed genuine concern for others, naturally aided others with her kindness and empathy . Kendal’s charismatic smile was contagious and you couldn’t help but feel lucky to be included in her life! She continues to be missed by our team and we reminisce and hold onto all the special memories that we were so lucky to have enjoyed with her.
Robert Mennie
Robert Mennie Robert was a very social man, he had an infectious smile and loved to spend time with people.. He was active in his community, he liked to go to church, he was the member of Dynafit of it for years and also worked at Keil-Dadson. He especially liked spending time with his friends Sheila and Terry and many others but most of all his sister Wanda. They spent many weekends and holidays together. Robert was a huge Elvis fan and love to collect memorabilia. Robert had an amazing memory and he always had a story for everyone he spent time with, he remembered everybody.
Richard Malcom Barker
Richard Barker Rick Barker (Richard) of Listowel and formerly of Toronto passed away January 22, 2021. Loving husband of Stacey Bross. Rick became involved with Community Living North Perth in 1981, Rick was one of the first people who moved to the Listowel Group Home on 710 Wallace Avenue, North and Blake Street, East. When the home moved to 660 Wallace, South in 1986 so did Rick. Rick then had several more moves in his life before he became ill and moved to Cressant Care Nursing Home. Rick continued to receive support by staff that enjoyed taking him out for a drive coffee and bagel or a hamburger with cheese. Rick’s favorite saying was blondes have more fun. Rick is greatly missed.
Joanne Lesley Beacom
Joanne Beacom Joanne Beacom of Stratford and formerly of Listowel passed away in the year July 1, 2021 at Spruce Lodge. Joanne came involved with Community Living North Perth in the year 2002. Then moved into an apartment before she moved to Spruce lodge due to health concerns in 2019. Joanne liked to keep staff on their toes doing her favorite workout to Richard Simmons and driving her to MacDonalds on Wednesdays and KFC on Sundays. Joanne is greatly missed by everyone.


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