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For over 62 years, Community Living North Perth has adapted the approach and philosophy we take to support people and families in their community to help them achieve a better, more inclusive, involved life in their community. We are proud of our history and how we’ve grown. However, our agency, like many others has been tested this year by a pandemic that must be acknowledged. Our year ended with many difficult decisions regarding how we operate and impacts to people supported and their families. We closed our offices in early March, we cancelled our day and group programs, Passports, and other gatherings. Due to the corona virus, we were unable to finish the year providing supports to everyone and for this we offer our sincere apologies. Although, this presented challenges for many if not all of the people we support and families, we were able to remain COVID-19 free throughout the pandemic. And, we continue to practice all of the public health protocols to ensure we maintain this status.  All of these changes and pressures to people supported and our staff in the pandemic environment made our team that much stronger. We have been encouraged to see people come together to ensure that everybody remained healthy and well during this time. Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and being disconnected from friends and family created a real sense of abnormal life for everybody. I commend our staff in their ability to manage their own lives and families while providing supports during this time. As we all take in the new way we go about our lives, CLNP continues to encourage staff, people supported and their families to take good care of their mental health and will continue to provide avenues for coping. Prior to the pandemic, we had some significant changes within our administration. We began the year by embarking on a journey with CTS (Creative Team Solutions), an agency that provides financial management to non-profit organizations in the developmental services sector. We ratified a two-year collective agreement for our staff team. We invested in staff training for all staff – Conscious Care & Support. This is the first part of a three-part series of training that will empower our staff to better engage people they support on a daily basis. In November, we launched a major fundraising campaign that included a signature event, Black Tie Bingo, that had almost 200 attendees and raised nearly $25,000. We thank all of our donors and sponsors who allow us to do more for the people we support. And, our team continued to work diligently toward achieving the four strategic directions set out in our strategic plan.  The many residential, community and employment support program options for adults along with our summer support program and respite would not be possible without our dedicated staff who are committed to creating new opportunities for people and for being positive and caring role models in our community. A sincere thank you goes out to each and every employee for the wonderful job you do.  Our board of Directors has once again provided impressive commitment and involvement in every aspect of our organization allowing us to achieve much of the success we have seen this year. Our gratitude goes to all Directors on the Board as well as Committee members for their time, talent, and treasure.  We look forward to the upcoming year and the exciting opportunities that we will face together in a new normal.

Heather Frank
Chair, Board of Directors

Mark Phillips

Executive Director

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